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'Plain and Simple',250x122x2.7cm, by Lucia Fischer
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'Plain and Simple',
by Lucia Fischer

Message for details.


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A Message to My Nation

I can understand that some people can get overly passionate about the government and the current situation. On that note though, I could never think it’s due to them believing that they could run the nation better. I believe the reason people are so passionate is because someone should have run it better a long time ago. 

I completely understand everyone’s point of ‘don’t add salt to the wound’,but what I think people fail to realise is that the dissatisfaction towards our government did not start with Yolanda. Yolanda just magnified the governments shortcomings which the palace media machinery have tried so hard to hide during the last three years. Yolanda is not the wound and the criticism is not the salt. The wound is the government’s incompetence and inaction and the criticism is nothing but the wailings of the citizens of this republic for it’s elected leaders to step up and do their jobs and fulfil their promises. These are the same promises which got the people to believe and vote for them. These are the very same promises and hope which eludes the passionately criticising public.

Yolanda is a very very very unfortunate event whose scar will forever be etched in our hearts and memories. And it is even sadder that it took a violent storm, the destruction of our beloved Samar, Leyte and Panay and the inconsolable loss of thousands of our loved ones for the people to finally have the courage to say what has been simmering in their hearts and minds.
True, we need to unite and hold each other high in these trying times. We need to bond and be steadfast in our goal to rebuild our communities. And it is also true not to forget what we have now the courage to voice out.

There are people who argue about false information being spread, or that you require solid proof. To them I ask why are you trying to find another reason to question our government when we’ve had a well full of reasons over the decades? A well that could have sparked these tumble of questions and anger on a more convenient time, rather than when the nation is currently suffering the most because of it. You ask for solid proof so you can have a reason to take action. I don’t need to give it to you. Just turn on your TV’s, read your history books, your newspapers, and look outside your window.

The time to ask questions and take action will come, but right after things become more stable. To anyone reading, we can’t react the way we have before. I agree that right now is the time to help, to do what you can, and to put these matters aside until things turn for the better. But please, for the love of our country, when things start looking up, please hold those who are responsible, responsible. Because I can see it now, once all is done, the anger will settle, people won’t remember it as passionately as they did before, and in turn let it simmer down. People will return to saying the government is incompetent the way they did before the disaster. They’ll say it like a common fact that can be tossed from one conversation to another with no impact, and that’s what I can’t stand for. Not for the land I call home.

When every thing levels out, when everything becomes manageable, that should be the time we say it with the intent of doing something about it. That should be the time that we turn around and say “Look at what you’ve done.” with all the rage and with all the passion of we who have lost. Let us have an active voice of a courageous people wanting leaders who can trail blaze the way towards making the Philippines a great country run by the great Filipino.

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Rhye in Berlin, earlier this year.

Filmed this song cause this version is killer.

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As if abandoning is not enough.By Me.

As if abandoning is not enough.
By Me.

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Lady in Red at Mauerpark, Me.

Lady in Red at Mauerpark, Berlin.
by Me.

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